We never intended to become a very large structure. Our preference goes for a small but flexible and accessible organization, with a limited number of core expertises.

Why do our customers and partners chose to work together with X-Center ?

Initial technical installation

Our technical skills

Our customers and partners are the first ones to stress it : the X-Center consultants have the reputation "to know what they speak about". They are specialized in their "Document Management" market, but also in all the IT areas it must be integrated with. Nothing surprising as most of them have piled up their experience since between 10 and 20 years. Plenty opportunities to face and solve the numerous "challenges" IT is offering.


Our customer focus

Customer focus and get problem solved is part of our DNA. Thanks the Managed Services we also offer we see ourselves as an extension of our customer support team. Hence our commitment towards our customers.
We are seen as very flexible and accessible to deliver support or make sure that the project are delivered successfully.


Our large solution coverage

We are covering a very large customer base, and we had to opportunity to implement a large range of solutions and projects. As a result we can more easily identify and defend a "best practice" , or figure out creative solution in the special situations. An we can take care about the different components of a global solution without developing them ourselves , we can also determine how to integrate and adapt the different components the most efficient way.