Managed Services – xFlow solutions

xFlow customers usually consider that the xFlow applications became business critical in their organization.
Application unavailability or weakened functionality can dramatically impact Accounting clerk activities and performance, but also endanger accounting accuracy or periodic closure.

The expectations on application availability require properly maintained applications, an efficient troubleshooting, and a sound knowledge of products’ functionality.

But after the departure of the xFlow implementation consultants, some customers also do not want to build up and maintain the necessary expertise locally, in the various domains covered the xFlow solution.
They prefer to outsource this responsibility to an external partner who knows the xFlow components in deep, and who can also collect all necessary information about the customer environment and the xFlow solution in place.

X-Center Support offers an SLA based solution adapted to customers’ support requirements.


Support team

X-Center is well-positioned to offer the support service since we can rely on long term xFlow expertise and we have a thorough knowledge of customers’ software environments. This is why our customers also choose for X-Center, especially when xFlow documents are preserved in the OpenText Archive Server

  • X-Center consultants offer complete service including the installation of the WMD software components
  • WMD partner and sub-contractor for WMD-related activities in the Benelux countries