OpenText Archive Center

Archiving systems continue to be a critical component to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to secure key business documents, files and email within a single source platform. OpenText Archive delivers highly scalable, proven solutions for archiving and managing the information lifecycle on a broad range of enterprise information including email, files, SharePoint data, and structured information including ERP data (SAP, Oracle), instant messaging, web and social content into a single managed repository.

Coupled with industry-leading records management and auto-classification software, OpenText Archive supports rich capabilities to drive compliant retention and disposition policies. As such, organizations can deploy a defensible, long-term archiving strategy to comply with Information Governance requirements, meet legal obligations, and reduce the overall costs associated with archiving unnecessary content.

OpenText Archive systems minimize the impact of users consuming data with transparent, tight integration to lead applications (Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, SAP etc) ensuring data is readily available and integrated, driving improved operational efficiency, and end-user productivity.

X-Center expertise in OpenText Archive Servers services started in 1998 !

  • OTAS installation and upgrade (up to v16 )

  • Migration projects from/to OT archive servers

  • All archive storage types (WORM, NAS, Azure , … )

  • OT pipeline development ( PERL / JAVA )