Opentext Business Center for SAP solutions (BCC)

OpenText Business Center for SAP Solutions (Business Center) can help receiving incoming documents, capturing processes, and filing them within SAP.
Business processes like the processing of incoming sales orders from customers or incoming delivery notes from suppliers are very good use cases for Business Center.
The product provides the one platform to automate any business process that is tightly integrated into the SAP solution stack.
Business Center can be connected with various inbound channels, be it paper via scan, fax, email, or iDoc.
The incoming documents will be stored using ArchiveLink.
OpenText Business Center Capture for SAP Solutions (Business Center Capture) is part of Business Center and provides, in addition to the established methods, new automated learning methods based on end user behavior and feedback.
After capturing the documents, the extracted data is validated against a set of business rules. Though touchless processing is the ultimate goal, user interaction will be required to react on any exception occurred. Therefore, Business Center provides efficient user experiences within SAP GUI and outside (following the design principles of SAP Fiori). Once all exceptions are solved, the data can be posted and saved within SAP.

To define the flow and the assignment of the right forms to the right users, the product provides a simple configuration interface, which allows creation and maintenance of process models quite efficiently.
Alongside Business Center, a set of pre-configured scenarios are provided as Solution Accelerators. A Solution Accelerator is a pre-configured business scenario for selected business objects and business processes and is a simple approach to demo, PoC and start implementing a business solution atop