Why to spend time reducing the SAP database when gigabytes are so cheap ?

There are multiple reasons:

  • The SAP Production system is usually duplicated several time a year, to different systems
  • the bigger the database, the slower the performance, the slower the backup and the slower the system copies
  • SAP-HANA requires a deep table structure changes

SAP Data Archiving Consultancy

SAP Data Archiving consultancy requires a mix of technical knowledge ( SAP Archivelink and connection to Archive Server ) and functional knowledge ( SAP Archive Objects and all SAP modules ).

A classical SAP data archiving project consists in these successive steps

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Realization
  • Execution

Our proposition

You provide us with a download of your table size and growth, and the results of some transactions we will ask you to execute

We analyse and group the database size by Archive Objects, and explain how to reduce it at lower cost with a minimum impact on the users.

For free !