Standard SAP document archiving

SAP systems are increasingly used to support company’s core business processes. These systems have to deal not only with data, but also with large number of documents that have traditionally been processed physically and filed in binders. Modern organizations, however, can greatly benefit from processing these documents electronically.

Creating and managing documents electronically brings along new challenges. To be efficient, the documents must indeed be fully integrated and managed as a part of the business process and not kept separate from it. To do so, companies need to manage their documents within their SAP environments.

Most of X-Center consultants started their career at IXOS, the German company who developed “ArchiveLink” for SAP for the former SAP 3.0D version, more than  20 years ago .

They acquired very deep skills in the standard SAP archivelink solutions:

  • Early archiving
  • Late archiving
  • Late archiving with Barcode
  • KPRO