Did you know that X-Center employees are former IXOS employees from before IXOS became part of OpenText in 2003?

OpenText Archive Center provides a full set of services for high volume ingestion, compliant long-term preservation, retrieval and lifecycle management of content and documents.

Archive Center can either be used as an integral part of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions and OpenText Content Suite Platform or as stand-alone server in various scenarios. Depending on the business process, the content type and the storage devices, Archive Center provides different techniques to store and access documents. This guarantees optimal data and storage resource management.

OpenText Archive Center (OTAS) is also known under the moniker of LEA and IXOS.

X-Center’s long experience in installing, configuring, implementing and administering Archive Center have resulted in a set of best practices which are applied by default to all our customers resulting in a solid and performant environment with high end-user satisfaction.

X-Center offers the following services.

Initial Technical Installation


Solution Architecture

Help define appropriate architecture in accordance with solutions to be implemented, the expected storage volume, the preferred operating system and database, and the prefered environment ( local, Azure … ).

Archive Storage

Archive storage

Connect the Archive Server to any supported storage solution, with appropriate storage method (ISO, Single-file, backup ). Storage migration between storage systems, ISO file migration to single-file storage.

High Availability

Implement desired level of high availability ( Remote standby server, active clustering ) and Disaster Recovery procedure.

Configuration and Integration

Layout display

Client components

Pool and volume definition, job scheduling, backup procedure, standard pipelines , Imaging Web server and Cache Server , EnterpriseScan, Imaging Windows, Cache Server.

Icon solution SAP

SAP Systems

Customize document storage and data archiving integration with any SAP system.

OpenText ECM

Integration with xECM solutions.

OpenText ICC/BCC

Install and customize ICC/BCC server, Hot-spots and download jobs definition, integration with SAP VIM Workplace.

SAP Document Access Solutions

Application SAP KPRO

SAP Archivelink

SAP Early and Late archiving solutions, OpenText Doculink developments and customizing.

Application SAP KPRO


KPRO document storage on Archive Server. KPRO document migration from SAP database to OTAS.

application SAP Data Arch

SAP Data Archiving

SAP database analysis and Archive Object selection proposal; Archive Object and Retrieval Method customizing.

Document Pipeline


Pipeline Development

Pipeline development ( PERL / Java ) to integrate document capture with index, to populate SAP tables and solutions.