OpenText Invoice Capture Center (ICC) or Business Capture Center (BCC) extracts data from the incoming documents of various formats.

The solution is designed to be integrated with the OpenText VIM solution or the OpenText Business Center solution.

  • SAP VIM for the financial document preparation and the document approval workflow
  • OpenText Archive Server for the document storage
  • OpenText Enterprise Scan for paper scanning, with the integration pipeline

Invoice Capture Center Recognition extracts the essential invoice data (date, amount, order number etc.) from the scanned invoices in the archive. The extracted information is passed on to the Vendor Invoice Management solution.

X-Center is very well positioned to perform a smooth ICC/BCC integration in the VIM complete solution architecture, with limited external support, thanks to our deep knowledge in the different VIM solution components


ICC/BCC Server installation

Initial server installation and integration with the other VIM components (Archive Server, EnterpriseScan, SAP VIM)


Windows-based eMail PDF capture

Connect X-Center solution for eMail capture and integration via pipeline


Upgrade and migration

Compatibility check with higher versions, ICC/BCC server , database migration


Solution tailoring

.NET development and scripting, to add functionality not present in the standard package