eMailFetcher – eMail handling and integration with SAP

eMailFetcher is a Windows-based application which performs the following :

  • collect Outlook/Notes eMails received by dedicated eMail address(es)
  • detach PDF document(s) ad assign virtual barcode and sequential number on each attachment
  • display the sequential number and barcode on the document images
  • also get PDF attachment when referenced by URL in message body
  • optimize PDF image for OCR extraction

eMailFetcher can be integrated in other applications like our xDPRO intefration tool, or xFlow Interface Windows ( developed by WMD ), in order to submit the attached PDF documents to OCR process and export results to SAP and Archivelink Content Server .


  • Add virtual barcode sequential number

  • Detach and process PDF file(s) individually

  • Optimize image quality for better OCR extraction

  • Vendor exclusion/inclusion list

  • Integration with SAP and Archive Server

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