xArchive is a stable, secure and highly efficient archive server using a SAP ArchiveLink protocol, which allows you to easily scan, process and import electronic documents – not only in the SAP environment, but also across different systems and platforms.

The xArchive solution can  be easily adjusted to your particular requirements.

Different screnarii where xArchive will fit perfectly

  • Mail and documents in a secure archive

  • Confirmation of purchase orders, processing of incoming deliveries and invoices

  • Outgoing documents bearing digital signatures

  • SAP data archiving

Document Storage

xArchive ensures reliable storage of documents. Thanks to its sophisticated architecture, the solution is able e. g. to create backups in the cloud repository. It also allows you to use a repository with WORM functionality.

With the xArchive tool you can save documents in the cloud and enjoy the benefits of a repository with the WORM functionality (= write once read many: once stored, the data cannot be modified – this ensures that they will not be tampered with afterwards).

How does xArchive work ?

xArchive is a .NET server application that stores data in container files of the VHDX type, in an MS Azure cloud, or in files in a regular FS filesystem. The use of VHDX files helps to greatly reduce the number of stored files and thereby shorten the time required for data backup and recovery. Technical metadata of the documents get stored in an MS SQL database.

If necessary, you can set read-only access to your VHDX files to prevent any further changes of the stored content.

You can manage the xArchive server via a user-friendly application for Windows. All actions require authentication and use encryption.

The xArchive server is supported in Windows 2012 and newer, MS SQL 2012 and newer.