System monitoring: xMon

X-Center developed a monitoring tool and a large number of scripts, which are aimed to analyze in deep the application health, and detect issues pro-actively, before the application users have the time to detect them.

Basically we made use of our very large and long experience in the support of the different applications, and could determine what are the recurring issues and our to solve them.

xMon counts now 4 different applications :

  • OpenText Archive Server
  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Streamserve
  • WMD xFlow

xMon scipts run in the different application servers . They check application health, service status, job status, disk and table space, connection to systems, consistency between tables, response time, etc …   Results and severity level is periodically reported via SMTP eMail to our xMon central agent at X-Center at our Service Desk.

Depending on severity level the appropriate alert is triggered at the Support Team.

The evolution of the issue can also be monitored and reported .

xMon is also proposed to our customers, who want to monitor the applications themselves.